Who we are?

About Us

Forget about everything you’ve ever thought and experienced about flying!

Gyrocopter is a different way of flying!

A clever, unique, unforgettable and safe way of flying!


The Aeroclub Gyrocopter Croatia was founded in 2014 with the aim of joining a gyrocycle enthusiast and training of members of the Club management gyrocopter, and the expansion and development of new branches of sport aviation in the Republic of Croatia.

AK GYRO-CRO is a public organization, technical culture and sports in which free association of physical and legal entities in order to achieve their personal and common needs and interests, with the aim of action in the field of flight sports and recreational aircraft, parachuting, aviation and technical culture and sports in general.

The Aeroclub GYRO-CRO offers charter flights to its members and training sports-recreational aircraft (gyro – aircraft – dragons)

We also organize flights and multi-day tours with Gyrocopter.


In 1920 Spanish airline designer Don Juan da la Cierva, after losing his best friend in the plane crash due to STALL (most common reason of airplane crashes), sweared to design the safest aircraft on the planet, and already in 1923 the world has seen the safest aircraft ever made Auto Gyro the predecessor of today’s Gyrocopter, the only aircraft in the world that can not enter STALL, which, in case of engine failure, is lightly floating towards the ground, just like the seed of the maple!

In the movie “Mad Max 2” and in James Bond’s movie “You just live twice”, the gyrocopter has gained world attention. Special attention was gained when Sean Connery maneuvered “Little Nelly” on the Asian island. Unlike our little gyro, Little Nelly had two flame launchers, two missiles and grenades in the front, and only got four boxes. But we do not have these add-ons, we’ve left them out. 🙂


Why is Gyrocopter so safe?

Gyrocopter is a mix of aircraft and helicopters, basically works like his big brother, helicopter, but the rotor of gyrocopter after being in the air is not driven by a motor like in a helicopter, but driven by an air stream passing through the rotor sheets.

The gyrocopter rotor is always in autorotation and for this reason the gyrocopter can continue flying and safely landing even in case of engine failure.

The engine only drives the elise and serves only the drive forward.

Since the rotor of the gyrocopter is driven through the wind stream, there are only low mechanical strains. There is no expensive transfer and the risk of technical malfunctions is much smaller on the rotor system, which means safer!

Gyrocopter do not have minimal speeds so they do not have any characteristics of stalling.

Gyrocopter is not sensitive to turbulence, because the rotor tips are moving at speeds of up to 700 km / h through the air and do not bother with a 70 km / h wind.

For this reason, in difficult weather conditions it is safe to sail with Gyrocopter.

The gyrocopter is equipped with standard and advanced aviation equipment; radio transmitter, transponder as well as the latest technological innovations from the field of navigation, monitoring meteorological conditions and air traffic, and as such is an excellent choice of aircraft for both panoramic and international flights.

The gyrocopter model MTOsport with one fuel tank of 78l can be 4-5 hours in the air, with an average speed of 120 km / h, range over 400 km.

In short, Benefits:

  • there is no stalling current flow
  • no plug
  • a take-off course of 10 m to 100 m
  • a landing track of 0 m to 15 m
  • extremely slow flight, depending on weather conditions, possible flying and on site


OBLIGATORY SOLID FOOTWARE (sneakers or flat shoes)

Min height of the person: 140 cm

Max weight of person: 100 kg